by Pat
on Jan 3rd, 2023

Tap Tap…

This on?

So. It’s been a while, hasn’t it! A whole… *checks*… GOOD LORD.

So, erm. How’s your past 11 years been? Up to much?


Yeah, a few bits and pieces. Maybe I’ll fill you in later. For now, I just figured I’d write something and see if this WordPress install even works anymore.

UPDATE: Apparently it does! Hooray!


by Pat
on Feb 2nd, 2012

Punbelievable: The Fallen Tree

So, I found some software to convert SWF files to video format.

You’ll probably wish I hadn’t:

Sorry :)


by Pat
on Dec 29th, 2011

Practicing Faces

Hello there!

How was your Christmas?
…Ooh, sounds good.
…Mine? Yeah it was great thanks.
…Looking forward to New Year?
…I know, I know, but the anticlimax doesn’t matter if you’re having a party, right?
…Hahah yeah.

(Who the hell are you talking to, Pat? – Squage)

The voices in my head, of course. It’s no odder than talking to you.

(…hmm… true. Shall we just get on with things? – Squage)

Good thinking.

Today I decided to play with drawing faces, and I though I’d upload the result for you to see. So… here you go:

Girl with a Ponytail
Girl with a Ponytail

Girl Smiling
Girl Smiling

Stern Man
Stern Man

Woman looking up
Woman looking up

Hope ya like!



by Pat
on Nov 29th, 2011

Coding Particles!

Yesterday at Uni the rather talented and nice bloke Seb Ly ( came to talk to us Digital Media Design students about creative coding.

He showed various examples of cool effects created using simply JavaScript, which, basically, floored me. It was awesome. For the first time in many years I was properly inspired to get coding and create.

He quite rightly pointed out that if you’re learning through making awesome, fun stuff, it’s SO much easier to learn and be motivated than if you’re learning towards stuff you don’t give a rat’s ass about.

Yesterday afternoon as a result I coded this in JavaScript for a bit of fun (oh and then wrote loads of stuff down about a potential Squage JavaScript game…):

Particle Bouncing Things!

(The code’s a mess, but I was just playing :) )



by Pat
on Nov 9th, 2011

Digital Media Design?

There’s an awful lot of cutting out, sticking in and scribbling notes over for something that’s supposed to be digital.

That’s why today my desk looks like this:


Fun fun fun!


by Pat
on Nov 3rd, 2011

Misery Boat

All aboard the misery boat! Yep, it’s another “Pat’s playing around with Flash” thing. Nothing much to it, as with the paralax thing, but this one excitingly has sound. And a disappointed looking ferry:




by Pat
on Nov 2nd, 2011

Paralax Test

As a way of avoiding looking at the same old damn designs for an evening, I decided to have a play with some basic paralax scrolling in Flash:

Click On This To Have Your Mind Blown *

Hooray for a creative Wednesday evening!



(* If oddly jerky basic Flash animations blow your mind)

by Pat
on Nov 1st, 2011

Happy November!

Well, it’s been quite a while since I last blogged.

It’s been a busy few weeks, filled largely with Uni work but also with some pretty epic social moments thrown in: primarily a weekend at Alton Towers and a visit back to Essex involving staying up til 11am and going to an engagement party on 30 minutes sleep. Some more local fun stuff’s been going on too and some Uni-mates-based piss ups are approaching nice-n-fast!

As I write this, I’m in the 5th week of Uni, with one more week of the first module (Visual Communications) to go – and hence deadlines a go-go next Friday. Once it’s complete I’ll probably dump some of the work online so you can see what we’ve been getting up to.

The following Monday starts the next module (Visual Language), which is a “competition brief”. I’m still not entirely sure what that means. I guess there’s a competition and, as it’ll last 6 weeks, it’s “a brief” rather than “brief”.

Oh and all the while the “cultural and critical studies” module churns along, involving lots of the stuff that I’ve no experience and, to be honest, interest in: reading up about artists and art movements in various books and on various web sites. That’s right: I love drawing and doodling, but I’m not particularly into history of art. That’ll change, I guess (/hope). But hey, come on: the last time I wrote an essay was when I was doing my GCSEs. (And you’ve never claimed to be anything other than pig-ignorant! – Squage). Oh, thanks for popping in! (Pleasure! – Squage)

In case you’re wondering, I’m generally doing a 40 hour week (including coursework outside the classes) – plus, when I’m not shattered, some (but not many, yet) other creative bits in my spare time. So it’s not a total doss. Hopefully that’ll make you feel better about your taxes, although given I’m paying for everything myself bar council tax I guess that’ll only make you feel better if you live in Brighton & Hove…

Anyway, other than the course I still like it down here, not least because I bought a £5 sandwich toaster from Sainsbury’s. It’s made my breakfasts amazing.

I am nothing if not rock and roll.



P.S. I finally get broadband on Thursday. It’ll mean blogging without walking a mile first or without praying I don’t go over my quota on Orange’s incredibly generous 500MB monthly mobile broadband limit. I’m not sure what I’m gonna do with all this freedom! Probably just watch the 10 hour version of Trollolol on Youtube…

by Pat
on Oct 19th, 2011

Hello Again!

Well, this has been quite a couple of weeks. Hello from St Peters House in Brighton!

I sit here in one of Brighton Uni’s many libraries, listening to tunes on my headphones and using my laptop and the Uni net connection to research children in soap product advertising.

This is all part of the first module, where as a group of three we’re having to come up with a whole load of marketing materials for a rather excellent, Sussex-based custom soap company.

It’s been quite a fortnight. I won’t lie: moving back into a full time education mindset has been bloody hard work.

Weekends and evenings are no longer time off, necessary, but then Wednesdays and Thursdays no longer have to be work either. You don’t get spoon fed stuff, you’ve gotta go out and research stuff yourself and work on your own steam. And there’s no easily definable right and wrong thing when it comes to creating a sketchbook full of book, poster, shop and gawd knows what else research sitting next to several design drafts. All annotated to the max, of course.

It’s a world of difference from an IT job, trust me. And it’s been bloody tough to get used to this.

But I think I’m largely there, now (thanks in no small part to support from awesome friends). Two weeks in isn’t bad after 9 years in employment! One thing working full time for years – coupled with actually really wanting this course to be useful – has done is given me a MUCH better working mindset than Uni the first time round. I’m spending a LOT of time on the work and social stuff comes second to it.

So THIS was what I was supposed to do last time? Damn :)

Anyway, aside from all that I’ve been socialising a fair bit – World Zombie Day in London a week ago was incredible fun, plus I’ve been to see comedians Alex Horne, David O’Doherty (just… brilliant!) and Andrew Lawrence, plus Noah and the Whale last night. Oh and a couple (but only a couple, so far) of pub trips of course.

Oh and walking. A lot. Our course is based at City College, which is exactly a mile walk from my flat. I’m walking at least 2 miles a day, and I’m losing weight slowly but surely – which is nice!

Anyway, enough rambling, I’m off back to the flat. Internet next Friday, baby! Ooooh yeeeah!


by Pat
on Oct 7th, 2011

First Week: Done!

Well, I’m tired. It’s been a long week comprising of a mixture of confusion, concern, worrying, excitement, understanding, downloading, uploading, photography, sketching, editing, walking, cutting, laughing, glueing and – surprisingly – not drinking. Gotta love a budget.

I’m not really sure what to tell you other than that there’s a good crowd of people on my course, we get on well and I in spite of initial worries, I’m gonna really enjoy the course.

I could say some more stuff, but to be honest I’m tired so I can’t be assed. Besides I’ve got some sleep to get in before dressing as a zombie and wandering around Leicester Square tomorrow.

Oh yes. That’s how I roll.

Before I go, that “uploading” I mentioned above consisted largely of 200-odd photos from my France holiday! They’re here: BONJOUR!



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