by Pat
on Nov 29th, 2011

Coding Particles!

Yesterday at Uni the rather talented and nice bloke Seb Ly ( came to talk to us Digital Media Design students about creative coding.

He showed various examples of cool effects created using simply JavaScript, which, basically, floored me. It was awesome. For the first time in many years I was properly inspired to get coding and create.

He quite rightly pointed out that if you’re learning through making awesome, fun stuff, it’s SO much easier to learn and be motivated than if you’re learning towards stuff you don’t give a rat’s ass about.

Yesterday afternoon as a result I coded this in JavaScript for a bit of fun (oh and then wrote loads of stuff down about a potential Squage JavaScript game…):

Particle Bouncing Things!

(The code’s a mess, but I was just playing :) )



2 Responses to “Coding Particles!”

  1. Mark Ton 29 Nov 2011 at 12:28 pm

    Excellent stuff! Canvas is brilliant fun, can get so much crammed into a browser these days.

    For more jaw-dropping amazement check out some of these demos fo the three.js framework:

    Now get on with the Squage game! I wanna play! =]

  2. Paton 06 Dec 2011 at 11:14 am

    Oh wow! Thanks dude, gonna check that out.

    And hahah ok ok, I’ll get it made soon I promise :)