by Pat
on Dec 29th, 2011

Practicing Faces

Hello there!

How was your Christmas?
…Ooh, sounds good.
…Mine? Yeah it was great thanks.
…Looking forward to New Year?
…I know, I know, but the anticlimax doesn’t matter if you’re having a party, right?
…Hahah yeah.

(Who the hell are you talking to, Pat? – Squage)

The voices in my head, of course. It’s no odder than talking to you.

(…hmm… true. Shall we just get on with things? – Squage)

Good thinking.

Today I decided to play with drawing faces, and I though I’d upload the result for you to see. So… here you go:

Girl with a Ponytail
Girl with a Ponytail

Girl Smiling
Girl Smiling

Stern Man
Stern Man

Woman looking up
Woman looking up

Hope ya like!



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