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by Pat
on Jul 19th, 2011

All Employee Meetings

They’re great.

And by “great” I mean “valuable if you’re paying attention”.

And by “paying attention” I mean “doodling”.

Obviously, I don’t do that. But if I did (which I don’t) then these would’ve been doodled in the most recent AEM I went to.

But I didn’t doodle them then, so that’s fine. I doodled them at home. Yes. On my work sketch note pad. Which I carry around with me at all times. Yes. Because I think work is great.

And by “great” I mean “valuable if you’re paying attention”.

And by “paying attention”… :)

Doodle 1
AEM Doodles

Doodle 2
All Employee Meetings
(Not referring to anything in particular. Clearly. Good.)

Pat :)

by Pat
on Jul 1st, 2011

An Ode To EuroMillions

A Friday poem written to my EuroMils syndicate workmates. Thought I’d share with you:

The 1st of July,
Means that we must try,
To at last get out of this place.

With those big tix there,
If good news we’ll share,
On Monday we’ll leave the rat race.

Now don’t get me wrong,
I’ve “loved it” so long,
So leaving may cause me to cry.

But those tears will be,
Joyous tears of glee,
As I wee on my desk as “Goodbye”!

– An Ode to EuroMillions, Pat Scullion, 2011