by Pat
on Oct 14th, 2009

Queue Length: 0 Minutes = WIN

Yep. Going to Thorpe Park midweek in the middle of October is the best possible time to go. Longest wait all day: 20 mins for the Nemesis Inferno… and only cos there were so few people there they had one train running rather than two.

Rides gone on in the space of 4 hours:

  • Saw (twice)
  • Colossus (three times, inc. twice at the front)
  • Nemesis Inferno
  • Stealth
  • Slammer
  • Vortex
  • Rush
  • Logger’s Leap (if that’s the name)
  • Magic Carpet Thing

I love Wednesdays off :)


Feeling: Less dizzy than earlier :-)
Song in Head: Example – Watch the Sun Come Up

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