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What could be better than a Windows 7 Party *? Why – a Windows 7 Torrent Party!

Check it out!

I’m really quite surprised and impressed that someone’s managed to come up with something around this that actually made me laugh.

Anyway, back to seeding and reseeding an incomplete copy of a Radiohead album…


Feeling: Amused, and excited about seeing the Doves with a choir tonight!
Song in Head: Various Doves tunes keep floating around :-)

(* Please don’t feed me suggestions, I’ve only got a 6GB inbox)


Ths blg I ws tld bout by @Glinner on Twttr lol:

The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks

(Yep, I’m now actually using Twitter and it can be quite entertaining. Sad thing is, I get addicted to these sort of things in that if you leave Twitter alone for even an hour you get the feeling you’re missing out on things, even though everything you’ve missed probably doesn’t matter that much. It’s my new World of Warcraft, in that respect.)

Right, on with some project work!



Feeling: Less tired than yesterday, thank god
Song in Head: Mazzy Star – Fade Into You

I was made aware of this by Pauly G about a year ago, and he reminded me of this yesterday.

For the second time, it’s made me laugh for a solid 5 minutes. Alas, this time I was at work. But it was worth it.

Check this Out

Seriously, I mean… can you imagine? What would you do?



Feeling: Tired, but amused
Song in Head: The Pains of Being Pure At Heart – Higher Than The Stars

by Pat
on Oct 14th, 2009

Queue Length: 0 Minutes = WIN

Yep. Going to Thorpe Park midweek in the middle of October is the best possible time to go. Longest wait all day: 20 mins for the Nemesis Inferno… and only cos there were so few people there they had one train running rather than two.

Rides gone on in the space of 4 hours:

  • Saw (twice)
  • Colossus (three times, inc. twice at the front)
  • Nemesis Inferno
  • Stealth
  • Slammer
  • Vortex
  • Rush
  • Logger’s Leap (if that’s the name)
  • Magic Carpet Thing

I love Wednesdays off :)


Feeling: Less dizzy than earlier :-)
Song in Head: Example – Watch the Sun Come Up

by Pat
on Oct 9th, 2009

I Am Literally Crying With Laughter

BEST FIND OF THE DAY (and also “Best thing in the world”, but I think I might’ve already got 30 of those):

Kemp Folds

One additional thing to say:


Thanks Jimbo :-)


Feeling: Amused beyond rational thought
Song in Head: Scooter – The Night. Yep. I went there.

by Pat
on Oct 8th, 2009


Oh yes, I just did that title. It’s not as disappointingly lame, however, as the subject in question.


On the BBC.

A few years ago I enjoyed watching it – it was informative, it got things done and was a good watch.

Now either I’ve got massively more intelligent or this show has gone downhill faster than a freewheeling wheelbarrow full of lead on a 50% incline.

Honestly. It’s 80% bullshit “hilarious” skits, 5% studio audience opinion, 5% awful presenter “chatting”, 5% meaningless “tests”/”proof” and… oh… 5% actual investigation into issues. These investigations seem so one sided I am spending some of the show actually feeling angry for those being accused.

I have admittedly only seen 30 minutes of this, but it does seem to be aimed at an ex-X Factor audience who found Cowell’s show “a bit hard to grasp”.

Bloody awful, BBC. Must try harder.


Feeling: Annoyed
Song in Head: Nowt…

EDIT: I’ve watched a bit more of this and in their credit they did clarify some stuff on the Digital Switchover that was actually of use. Perhaps I’m being a bit too harsh on it – but it does seem to be rather production/shit heavy and content light…

by Pat
on Oct 8th, 2009

The Invisible Man

This is amazing:

Liu Bolin… The Invisible Man…

All real. This guy paints himself. Just… awesome!


Feeling: Like he should’ve been blogging a touch more often
Song in Head: Mr Hudson – Supanova

by Pat
on Oct 1st, 2009

Poo At Pauls

Oh FFS Glade, You Are Heralding The End of Humanity

Yep, I was informed by a colleague who shall remain nameless that this advert existed. I am saddened deeply that she – er, or he – didn’t make it up.

However, it did allow the THIS AMAZING SPOOF to be created. It’s good to see people in this busy world have at least 2 minutes to dedicate to spoofs nowadays… oh, do not click on the Exorcist style one, by the way. Certainly not at work. Or at home. Or anywhere. It’s just unpleasant.

BUT WAIT – all is not lost, because…

…In Newcastle, the phrase “Doing a Poo at Pauls” refers to sleeping with your mate’s girlfriend. This is so hilarious that it almost makes up for the advert’s existence.

Can anyone confirm or deny this last point please? :-)

Feeling: Appauled and amused in equal measures.
Song in Head: Pendulum – Propane Nightmares