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by Pat
on Aug 28th, 2009

Radio Friendly Song

Brilliant Stuff :-)

Thanks to Mr Lee Bennett for the recommendation!



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by Pat
on Aug 26th, 2009

Microsoft, Are You *Serious?*

This is totally, utterly unacceptable.


On a lighter note, So I Married An Axe Murderer is hilarious fun (and good to see Mike Myers playing the “Scottish” father using the same accent as Shrek and Fat B*stard) Oh and also today (with the awesome assistance of my mum – thank you so much!!) I finally sorted out my garden, so now it doesn’t look like a jungle. Awesome!



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by Pat
on Aug 24th, 2009

First Day Of The New Hours

Today marked the first day of doing my new hours, which go along the lines as follows:

Monday – Thursday: 08:15 – 18:30
Friday: 08:15 – 18:00

Fairly long hours (if you’re not a city worker), but what sucks is I don’t get paid any extra for it.

There is one minor bonus though: I no longer work on Wednesdays :-)

Yep, finally it’s here and I can now dedicate one day a week purely to my art, radio and other projects. Looking forward to getting some great stuff done. It also means that I can dedicate other evenings to just chilling out – and watching such things as Pitch Black. What a film.

Finally, I must say the following: COME ON ENGLAND. What a day of cricket yesterday was. I really wish I was travelling back in Oz again now :-)

Anyways, I’m off. Got an early night to have as it’s the first day back the gym tomorrow. God knows I need it.



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by Pat
on Aug 23rd, 2009

Will Power Vs Ben Jerries

Oh dear, what a disaster.

Yesterday evening I was relaxing in my lounge, watching the first episode of Stephen Fry’s excellent Stephen Fry in America on BluRay (oooh check me), and thoroughly enjoying it.

I’d had dinner a few minutes before, so wasn’t particularly hungry – and was off out to the pub in an hour or so, so didn’t really want to eat/drink anything else before that.

A scene pops up, whereupon Stephen is at the home of Ben & Jerries ice cream and – get this – being invited to make up his own flavor (sic) using various ingredients. The result looked utterly delicious and – according to the TV programme – was.

At this point I had two choices:

1) Continue to watch the show
2) Pause the show, get out of chair, put my shoes on, walk down the road to ASDA, buy a pot of Ben & Jerries Cookie Dough ice cream, walk back home, take shoes off, get spoon out, sit back down, open Cookie Dough pot and resume show whilst scoffing ice cream.

Guess which I chose.

I’d hope that the remaining episodes feature him going on a salad-only diet and cycling everywhere, but I’ve a feeling epsiode 2 may be at a brewery. Oh dear.


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by Pat
on Aug 22nd, 2009


Recently I’ve been really enjoying the relaxed, honest, pleasant conversations that are had between Robert “Kryten” Llewellyn and other famous and/or interesting people as Robert car pools with them from place to place.

It’s a novel approach to interviewing, and is really good indeed:

I think what makes this good is that he appears to be an Utterly Nice Guy, and something to aspire to I’d say. Aside from his love of Apple products ;-) *

The David Mitchell and Stephen Fry car pools are my particular favourites, however they’re all good.

Well worth a look.



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* I think it’s common knowledge now, but in case you don’t know it is inevitable that I’ll end up owning a 32″ iMac at some point. It’s a strange feeling knowing you’re going to be a hypocrite.

by Pat
on Aug 22nd, 2009

Excel 2007. OH HELLO.

Firstly, sorry for the lack of blog entries this week. Been slacking, to be honest. That and very, very tired.

This coming week I’ll make up for it, ok? Cool.

In the meantime, allow me to share some highly, highly, utterly nerdy excitement with you – I installed Office 2007 (Enterprise Edition). Not only did I get it for a tenner, thanks to a Microsoft-MyEmployers global agreement, but I am also actually quite impressed so far. I’ll probably ramble on about the good/bad things in it at some point (if not on this blog then in person. I am the life and soul of any party) but one thing that made me do a little leap for joy was this:





Oh, damnit. It’s that party all over again.


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by Pat
on Aug 17th, 2009

Fox News

This is seriously getting ridiculous now:

by Pat
on Aug 12th, 2009

HOLY F*** – WHAT?!?!?

When the F*** did THIS happen?

(NSFW. LOTS of swears and some of them in size 128pt font :) )

Well, that’s the first hour long stint on the exercise bike done, and it really wasn’t too bad. Was watching The Rock to let the time fly by – a classic film, although much more “Michael Bay”-esque than I remembered.

What’s that? That electric tram’s going to hit that parked car? MASSIVE EXPLOSION! TRAM FLIES IN THE SKY! TRAM CONDUCTOR (who happens to be black but you’ll never guess from this next not-at-all stereotypical line) SHOUTS “DAMN! YOU MUTHA F***AS JUST RUINED MY DAY!”.

The only thing missing is Megan Fox draping her over a bike. Instead, we get Nicholas Cage draping himself over a rocket. As much as I’d like to say otherwise, it’s not quite the same. Fortunately, it’s massively less objectifying and it’s good to see Michael Bay has come a long way sinc… oh, shit, The Rock was made years before Transformers.

Oh dear. Still, at least it didn’t suck as much as Pearl Harbour (which sucked justalittlebitmore than I… miss… you…)

And I’ve just burned lots of calories. Tonight = Win.



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by Pat
on Aug 11th, 2009

Aung San Suu Kyi


I’m assuming you’ve read in the news about Aung San Suu Kyi’s re-arrest through the “American man swimming across a lake to her house” debacle recently.

This saddens me. If you feel the same, please have a look at this Amnesty page – and if you want to have your opinion heard by the Burmese government, fill in the email form at the end of the page. I just have:



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