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by Squage
on Feb 20th, 2008

Stop! Hammer Time!

Where “Hammer” = “No Blogging or Radio Shows”.

Yes, as one would clearly predict from the title of this blog, I’m writing on behalf of one Mr P. Scullion to let you know that there’s gonna be a bit of a drought blog-and-online-radio-show-wise from him for a few months.

“He still does blogging?”, you might ask, and you’d be right to cos he’s rubbish at keeping his blogs up to date (Oi! – Pat). However, the difference now is that he’s not going to be spending time half-writing them, or starting to write them and getting distracted, plus he’s not going to be spending many hours of a weekend preparing for and doing online radio shows.

Instead of that he’s going to be concentrating on a project he’s working on that involves both himself and myself, which he feels is of muchos grandos importance-os.

Can’t say more than that at the moment, but if you speak to Pat directly I’m sure he’ll explain more…

Righty, that’s that for now then. Have a lovely rest-of-winter, Easter and spring and both Pat and I will catch you again in a few months!


Squage (and Pat)

by Pat
on Feb 19th, 2008

All Change, Please!

Yo peeps!

Well, something that’s not happened since I went to Oz in 2006… that’s right, I’m leaving my department at work! Goodbye Technical Services!

There’s one key difference:

Last time, despite actually leaving the company outright and going to the other side of the world, I came back to the very same department (albeit in a different role). This time I’m permanently leaving the department! *

What’s more is the distance involved in my move. I’m not just going to the other side of the world, oh no: I’m going to the other side…. of the corridor!


Literally 6 metres from my current desk, the change of environment may be too much for me to take but I’m hoping I’ll be ok. Basically, I’m moving to another department to do some cool stuff for a funky and very useful web based system designed to help our customers. The cool stuff involves Oracle, WebLogic, funky web front end stuff and Linux/Unix. I’m looking forward to it!

Two days to go in TS, then I start next week (as I’m off on a long weekend to go to see Jersey… in Jersey! Sam and Spence from Oz, who’re On Tour at the mo are coming over too so it should be an awesome weekend!).

Right, that’s all really. Just an update from my world.



* Probably.

by Pat
on Feb 16th, 2008

Squage Party: 17th Feb 2008 at 6pm!

Hey you! Yes, you! Fancy listening to two hours of party tunes tomorrow, to make your Sunday evening start on a high?

You do? Excellent! Because that’s what’ll be happening on Squage Radio!

Here are the details:

Date: Sunday 17th February 2008
Time: 6pm – 8pm (GMT)
Direct Link: (Available from 5:55pm)

An alternative direct link is available here if you have issues playing the stream the normal link (Winamp, for example, doesn’t like streaming from the normal link).

Requests are, as always, welcome – either email me (pat at squage dot com) or use MSN if you know my details :-)


by Pat
on Feb 14th, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

by Pat
on Feb 5th, 2008

Squage Radio: Back In Action!

Ok, so I’ve got lots of updates to do regarding the awesome snowboarding week with Jimbo in the French Alps (photos here), a new job role, falling over barriers, driving home to Christmas songs, having fun at Lev and Jess’s, a new PC and other stuff!

I’ll get round to it I promise! Got lots of other things on at the mo but I promise it’s on its way…

Anyway, I’m writing this post to say that I’m actually doing Squage Radio live shows again (only occasionally, mind). From now on I’ll be posting a new note about each show – including a link once the recorded version’s online for you to download if you miss it.

I’ve recently done three shows – two party shows and one chillout show.

They can all be found here:, which is where all recorded live shows will sit in future.