by Pat
on Aug 29th, 2011

28 Days: Preparation

This afternoon I’ve been doing some serious preparing for my Uni days: idly sitting on my ass and watching terrible day time telly.

If nothing else, it’s reminding me just how terrible telly before 6pm is. I actually feel like going to do some ironing. Or even starting to pack things. It’s that bad.

Things’ve got at least mildly better now: Come Dine With Me. Today it features a self-confessed “typical hippy feminist vegetarian” lady and a massively sexist south african gentleman. It’s good to see Channel 4’s Ex-Big Brother casting person’s got a new job at least…


P.S. Oh, I’ve just realised: this is the last bank holiday Monday I’m going to be happy about for a long time. From now on they’ll just be Pain In The Ass, Shops Closing Early™ days. Who says my life choices don’t involve sacrifices?

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