by Pat
on Jun 27th, 2011

Office Doodle

It’s a great way of forcing oneself to look away from the monitor for a few minutes, which is a surprisingly relaxing thing to do – and, of course, a recommended thing to do too, HavingAGoAtMeForSkiving fans! *

It’s also something that can be done at meetings, and I’ve got pretty good at being able to pay attention to meetings whilst drawing stuff at the same time. Might come in handy should I ever have to do a portrait of the Queen whilst listening to her views on the Government’s austerity policies. IT COULD HAPPEN, YOU GUYS.

Anyway, long story short: here’s a picture I doodled over lunch the other day:

Pat and the Didgerinoooo!

“Oh, Pat…”



* Also, for the record, all of my doodling’s done in my lunch break, clearly.

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