by Pat
on Jun 20th, 2007

Leaving On A Jet Plane!

A lot sooner than originally planned.

Yep, I’m heading back to the UK – a lot sooner than the 15th of September. In fact, I’m going to be back in Blighty on the 2nd of July.

How come so soon? Well, as you know my original intention was to work here in Australia for a few months to end my trip, then head on over to Thailand for a couple of weeks.

Well, the work thing, I realised, was not actually really something I wanted to do. I had hoped it might’ve been, as, well, it was the only way I could realistically stay here til September without getting into a Dire Financial Situation ™, but I realised a couple of things on finally getting back up to Cairns with the intention of working:

  • I don’t actually want to work out here. Ok, that sounds lazy, but here me out: firstly I don’t want to get a “proper” job in IT because, well, it’ll be just like working at home – but with a hostel to come back to rather than a flat/home – and, well, what’s the point in that? Secondly, getting a job in a bar or hostel or whatever seems like, well, it doesn’t seem like a good use of my time. The whole idea doesn’t really excite me, to be honest.
  • I’ve satisified my traveling urge now. Not in a “I’m fed up with it” way, but more in such a way that I’ve got what I wanted out of this experience. I’ve seen some amazing places, done some amazing things, met so many great people and had a bloody excellent time. But you know what? I’m ready to come back home.

Thailand-wise, well to be honest I’ve not really been that fussed with seeing it, and so for that and various other (money included) reasons I’m just gonna head home – perhaps to see Thailand on a trip to Asia in future.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not pissed off or anything – far from it. In fact, I’m really quite excited about getting home and getting on with some of the projects I’m keen to have a go at before they either a) make money or b) the remainder of my savings die out and I have to get a “proper job” :-) I also can’t wait to see all my mates and my family… plus I’ll be back for the joy of the English summer. And we all know how uniformly sunny and hot that is. Actually, forget that last point.

So, yes, in summary: I’m coming home soon. The 2nd of July, in fact. I was hoping to back on the 30th of June or 1st of July, but as I found out today in the Quantas offices – it’s peak season for getting through Asia. Seems I’m quite lucky to be getting back around then at all. If “lucky” is the right word to describe 24 hours of travel…

Looking forward to seeing you back at home :-D



P.S. Yes, yes, I’ll get those East Coast blogs written up in my remaining week here in Oz – which will be Cairns til Saturday, then Sydney til the next Sunday – possibly with Canberra stuck in the middle as it’s only $15 each way to get there from Sydney… :-)

3 Responses to “Leaving On A Jet Plane!”

  1. ammillard137on 20 Jun 2007 at 5:10 am

    Sorry to hear you’re leaving, although I know you’ll be glad to get home. It’s been fun travelling with you–feels like I’m still there….Anne

  2. levinon 20 Jun 2007 at 11:13 am

    Hey Man!

    Very exciting to hear that you are coming back! Having read the blog I am very happy to hear it is because of some positive reasons and not that you anre fed up there or missing home. It’ll be great to see you and catch up on all the stories from over there!

    We shall have to reinstate the Baz-Vegas excursins at the earliest opportunity (you lucky man, leaving Oz for trips the the festival leasure park… how Essex ROCKS!)

    See you soon(er than expected).


  3. Scarfaceon 28 Jun 2007 at 5:31 am

    Hey buddy, it’s just a couple of minutes ago when I wrote you to meet up in Cairns.. and now I gotta notice that you’re leaving?!?! hmm, that’s a pity, but I understand your causes absolutely..

    Was really looking forward to see you in Carins and relive the great moment of drinking beer together.. ;)
    Anyway, we’ll catch this up back in UK or Switzerland, or in Belgium with Raf!

    However, have a nice flight and enjoy the brilliant english summer, and say hello to Squage my little wispy, cuddly dolly-bird.. HAHA

    Have a nice flight and see ya back in bloody Europe!!

    your broome broome pal