by Pat
on Apr 27th, 2007

Adding Insult To Injury

Well, following various emails and a few phone calls from my Dad (thanks Dad!), Fasthosts’ve finally got their fingers out of their arses and reactivated, two weeks after I paid for the service. Which is nice.

They also sent me an email to let me know that, due to my original payment being over two weeks late, they’re charging me an additional 20GBP fee.

I’m very happy. So much so that I’m going to provide Fasthosts some free mentions in Google:

I think Fasthosts are rubbish. I believe Fasthosts are shit. In my experience Fasthosts are bad. I’ve found that Fasthosts have terrible customer serivce. I would not recommend using Fasthosts. I don’t like Fashosts. Fasthosts smell of old women and eggs. I think Fashosts suck more than a prototype, EU-Maximum Suction Limits-breaking Dyson vacuum cleaner. Fashosts are great! Only joking, Fasthosts are actually shite. “Tell Me Why? I Don’t Like Fasthosts”. “I Hate Fasthosts So Much Right Now”. Strewth – A Fashosts ate my baby! The Good, The Fasthosts And The Ugly. The Fast(hosts) And The Furious (Customers). 2 (Much Crap Support From) Fasthosts (Will Leave Me) 2 Furious (For Words).

Ok, that’s my utterly ineffectual “sticking it to the man” session done, I’m off to get some dinner.



One Response to “Adding Insult To Injury”

  1. tony.perrinon 05 Feb 2008 at 12:14 am

    I agree that Fasthosts are the worst web hosts in the world.
    They have had this whole password problem which has been going on since about October last year and I STILL cannot access my accounts.
    They are still charging me but they wont send me my passwords so I cant access my account.
    If you phone them you are usually at queue position 50 and it takes about 1.5 hours to talk to someone who has as much IT skill as a one year old monkey.
    They are cr*p.
    Surely they can be sued under the trade description act cos Fast they most certainly aint.
    Im off snowboarding to cool down.