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by Squage
on Sep 18th, 2006

More Stuff Getting Done…

Travel insurance: check
Hostel in the Big Apple: check
Vaccinations: booked

Pat’s actually getting himself organised quite well. I think he must be ill [yes, I am, but that’s just a coincidence – Pat].

Onwards and downwards*!

(* we’re going to Australia, i.e. “Down Under”. Do you get it?)

by Pat
on Sep 12th, 2006


You know, it’s funny. When I – sorry, when Squage – set up this blog, I was very very excited about the Australia trip.

I’ve been excited for the majority of the past month.

But the day when I’m feeling all unsure, I wrote a blog entry about it. Looking back at this blog so far makes it look as though I’m really not convinced this is a great idea.

Well, I am.

And it’s going to rock ass. I’ll be able to actually be free, wander around on my own accord, meet some amazing people, see some amazing things- and, essentially, REALLY ENJOY life for a change.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t live a life of misery, I just don’t feel that sitting in an office doing what I do for 8 hours a day is what I was put on this Earth for. I feel the need to go out there and have fun. To enjoy life. To see what I enjoy most given the opportunity.

And besides, I’ve got no ties at the moment (well, I’ve got a few but they’re not worth mentioning bar the great Homer Simpson “D’oh!” one – ah, the fashion!) so why the hell not go and do some crazy, fun stuff now?

No reason, as far as I can see. Aside from being scared. And I’m sick of letting that stop me doing something amazing.

You know, there’s a chance that I’ll hate it. I’ll be miserable and lonely. I’ll wish I’d never done something so stupid. But that’s as likely as there being an episode of Titty Titty Bang Bang that makes me smile, let alone laugh. So I’m not too worried :-)

6th November, here we come!


by Squage
on Sep 10th, 2006

Things are Progressing!

Last week Pat handed in his notice (last day at work is the 31st of October) and yesterday he bought his flights.

See the Trip Details page for more info.

We are both now very excited. Lots to plan but at least the important thing (flights) is now sorted! Onwards!

by Squage
on Sep 5th, 2006


A nice little picture upload test :-)

Squage with a pint

by Pat
on Sep 1st, 2006

Pat’s Pre Trip Thoughts

It’s funny. I’ve been at work for five years and throughout most of that time I’ve wished I was doing something else. Something I enjoyed. Seeing the world. Relaxing in a bar by the beach without a care in the world. Having a job that I found fun and rewarding.

Now that I’ve finally handed in my notice (admittedly for a one year break, but there’s no guarantee I’ll get a job back at the end) with the intention of doing the above I can’t help but feel very, very worried that I’m throwing everything away.

I have a horrible feeling that I’ve become rather complacent and that I’ll suddenly wake up in the middle of Sydney thinking “Oh GOD, what have I done??!?”.

I’ll potentially have thrown away a good job, spent my savings for a house on travelling… basically gone right back to how I was when I left Uni back in 2001. Only 5 years older – and not as thin.

I guess these feelings are to be expected, though. It’s a very big step to take, particuarly for someone who’s not exactly been known for making giant leaps in most of his life.

But, hey, I feel that I’ve got to for the reasons at the start of this entry.

I think this’ll really help me get some more confidence, a more positive view on life and, if nothing else, give me the perspective I need to have more of an understanding what the hell it is I want from this life.

Everyone tells me I’m going to have an unbelievably ace time.

In my gut I know they’re right, but I’m a pescimist and still quite scared of taking risks. Ironically, that’s one of the key forces driving me to doing this. :-)

Anyway, enough rambling (for now at least)… back to planning…



  • North America
  • New Zealand
  • East Australia
  • Thailand

It’s going to mainly focus around Australia, with a month or so in New Zealand, stopping off on the way to / from there in America and Thailand.

It’s going to happen. Pat’s even handed in a request for a one year career break in at work. And it’s been accepted!

I’m very excited. Pat’s a bit more nervous, I think. But he’ll realise soon enough how ace this is going to be, I’m sure.

Now for the long ol’ task of planning the trek… wish us luck!