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by Pat
on Dec 12th, 2006

Butterfly fairy tatoos

I love spammers.

I deleted a grand total of 153 new emails letting me know that there were some comments, which linked to other web sites waiting for me to read.

The comment titles included some of the delights below:

  • Butterfly fairy tatoos
  • Jesse misty pokemon
  • Free frat boys gay
  • Fantasy movie thumb xxx
  • Sonic the hedgehog yaoi

…and those are the ones I don’t mind repeating.

The long of the short of it is if you want to leave a comment from now on, you’ll need to sign up for an account on the Big Adventure Blog.

Easy to do:

  1. Click “Register” on the menu to the right-hand side of the this (the main) page
  2. Enter the username you’d like
  3. Enter your email address
  4. Click “Register”
    Your password will be emailed to you. Make a note of it!

Once you’ve got your password and for all future commenting, do the following:

  1. Click “Log In” on the menu to the right-hand side of the this (the main) page
  2. Enter your username
  3. Enter your password
  4. Click “Log In”
    You’ll now be logged in and can navigate to the blog entry you want to comment on – and then comment on it!

If you have any trouble with this, try turning your computer off and on again.

It’s a shame to have to do this, but it should prevent this free-for-all spam fest that’s been going on for the past few days.

Ta muchly!


No Updates. Correct. No. In that order.

Fact is I’ve been really busy out and about on the Kiwi Experience doing all sorts of fun activities during the day, partying into the evening and not really getting a great deal of chance to use the net for long enough to write-I mean, er, for Squage to write the massive amount of catching up that needs to be done.

Anyway, to summarise:

  1. I’m having great fun
  2. There are lots of cool people
  3. I’ve been drinking a lot
  4. I’ve been doing lots of cool activities (including – shock – exercise to try and cancel out the beer)
  5. I’ve probably not been getting enough sleep
  6. Luging is fuh-kin great fun
  7. Rotorua smalls a bit of rotten eggs

I’m in Rotorua today, having come down from Aukland via Mercury Bay. Before that I’d been up to the Bay Of Islands and up 90 Mile Beach.

It’s been very hectic but I’m hoping to have some more time over the weekend to do a proper catch up.

Please don’t fret if you don’t hear from Squage or myself for over a week or so, it’s not because I’ve forgotten about you, it’s simply because a) I probably haven’t got time inbetween grabbing coach rides at stupid-O’Clock in the morning, doing activities during the day and socialising in the evening and b) I really hate computers :-)

Hope all is well back in Good Ol’ Blighty ™!



by Pat
on Oct 8th, 2006

New Look!


Well, I’ve finally had enough time to sit down and do some design work and this is the result. Hope you like it!

This could technically be the post for day -29, however as I’ve not actually gone to bed yet, it’s still day -30 for me… so I’ll speak to you later today. You lucky, lucky person you ;-)

Let me know whatcha reckon in the comments – any feedback’d be much appreciated!



by Squage
on Sep 5th, 2006


A nice little picture upload test :-)

Squage with a pint

by Squage
on Aug 25th, 2006


Hi there!

I’m Squage.  This is my blog.  In the next few months I’m going to be commencing on a Big Adventure, alongside my mate Pat. 

Watch this space, or subscribe to the RSS feed.  Either way you’ll know when I’ve started blogging in earnest – and have a better idea what the hell this Big Adventure’s all about.

Speak to you soon,