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by Pat
on Feb 5th, 2008

Squage Radio: Back In Action!

Ok, so I’ve got lots of updates to do regarding the awesome snowboarding week with Jimbo in the French Alps (photos here), a new job role, falling over barriers, driving home to Christmas songs, having fun at Lev and Jess’s, a new PC and other stuff!

I’ll get round to it I promise! Got lots of other things on at the mo but I promise it’s on its way…

Anyway, I’m writing this post to say that I’m actually doing Squage Radio live shows again (only occasionally, mind). From now on I’ll be posting a new note about each show – including a link once the recorded version’s online for you to download if you miss it.

I’ve recently done three shows – two party shows and one chillout show.

They can all be found here:, which is where all recorded live shows will sit in future.

by Squage
on Nov 13th, 2007



Pat’s been really busy (or at least that’s what he tells me… quite how “watching lots of 24 and Firefly” constitutes “being busy” is a mystery to me) so hasn’t had time (see previous comment in brackets) to blog anything.

(Look, if you must know I’ve been doing more than that – and not feeling at all creative enough to write anything of interest – Pat) This blog might not be very exciting then. (Oh, er, yeah, good point. Erm… best keep it short – Pat) Yeah…

Pat went for snowboarding lessons at the Milton Keynes XScape centre with James and Leanne from work, plus two of James’ mates (Becks and James “Riggs” Brown) last week. To cut a long story short:

  • James, Leanne, Becks and James are great
  • We had a great laff
  • PAT CAN ACTUALLY SNOWBOARD QUITE WELL (ok, so it was only a beginner lesson but oddly he learned rather quickly… unlike his lame Surfboarding attempts (Hey, I got on the board in the end! – Pat) Yeah but you spent more time on your back end… (Oh, amazing work. With great wit like that you can hardly tell I’m stressed and tire-er… I mean that you’re stressed and tired – Pat)
  • James, Becks and Riggs went on a huuuge climbing wall whilst Pat and Leanne watched on – both having injured themselves doing the boarding (at least that’s Pat’s excuse)
  • Pat ended up on a mental bungy ball ride thing, that only that day he’d stated he’d never do because “they’re the sort of things just set up by some dodgy outfit in the middle of a carpark”. A believe the phrase “Best £10 EVER!” was uttered by him, whilst upside down about 200ft in the air (Other “select” phrases were uttered too… – Pat)
  • Pat and the gang are keen to go and do the more advanced snowboarding lessons ASAP (well, aside from the two James’, as they’re already pros :-) )

Snow boarding dude and dudettes (Pat, Becks and Leanne at the end of their 3 hour lesson):


Leanne and Pat back on safe ground after being catapulted 200ft in the air:



Since then Pat’s been at work, a bit ill, in Colchester catching up with Gary, Sarah and Sally via the medium of curries, a mental back-garden firework display (including the obligatory “massive rocket that doesn’t quite make it out of the launcher quickly enough and explodes at the height of the house covering the entire garden with pretty colours as everyone ducks for cover” moment) and some on-air cohosting of the Sunday Hitcall on SGR Colchester… and is now back at work.

He’s pretty tired and stressed and generally cheesed off today, but he IS pleased that he’s doing a certain something tonight:

Going to see Kevin Bloody Wilson at the Cliffs Pavilion in Saaaffend.




by Pat
on Oct 1st, 2007

Best. Winamp. Plugin. EVER.

I’ve been looking for a Winamp plugin that actually did compression / limiting etc PROPERLY for a LONG time… and on checking out recently, I finally found it.

It’s rather humbly called “STEREO TOOL”, rather than “FECKING GREAT PLUGIN WOT CAN MAKE YOUR OUTPUT SOUND ALL TASTY, LIKE” and if (like me) you’re a bit of a saddo and like to have your songs sounding as though they’re playing on a radio station, you really should go here and download it.

Couple it with Sqrsoft‘s very tasty Advanced Crossfading Output plugin and you’ll be laffing all the way to the bank (where you’ll take out some money in order to buy that £100 boxed set of old Radio Caroline Jingles…)!


P.S. I’m actually interested in this for some podcast / online radio ideas I’ve got, not because I’m a sad case. Well, not only because I’m a sad case…