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by Pat
on Sep 7th, 2007

Fruit Cake. FRUIT CAKE!

On Wednesday I signed up across the road from work. Yesterday I went for an hour long induction. Today I had my first session.

Yep. I’ve joined the gym.

No, before you scoff at me and point out that I’ve tried the gym regime a number of times in the past, with varying levels of failure, allow me to point out a few differences:

  • I’ve got a couple of gym-legend workmates giving me advice and encouragement through each session
  • I’m paying for it now, so there’s an obligation to get value for money
  • I’m going before work starts. All it requires is getting a reasonably early night and then the early wake up isn’t actually too bad – and even if it is, after 30 minutes in the gym I’m already feeling much, much more awake and ready for the day. Also, it means I can go out in the evening without having to worry about arriving late/skipping an after-work gym session to accommodate it. Oh and finally, it means I don’t spend the whole of my working day thinking of excuses why I shouldn’t go to the gym, as in previous “after work” gym attempts…

If I’ve (just about) convinced you that this will work this time then that’s good.

Let’s just hope it’s actually true. :-)


Pat a.k.a. “Fruit Cake”
(Apparently “Beef Cake” wasn’t appropriate for a veggie…)