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by Pat
on Jun 25th, 2010

Daily Doodle Compilation

Been a while since I did a Daily Doodle blog post, although I have been doing the doodles – just being lazy with the blog. I’ll probably use this as a weekly update rather than daily from now on.

To keep up to date with my doodles, keep an eye on my Flickr stream at They do keep coming – and some you can buy as a TShirt, see below!

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2010-06-21: Oil Get My Coat

Buy the TShirt!

2010-06-22: Squage!

Buy the TShirt!

2010-06-23: Paul Beard Compo

Designed for my supervisor, who’s shaving his beard off in the style most voted for – with votes going to the AYME charity (a worthy cause).

2010-06-24: Odd Thing

2010-06-25: Closed

Sad times at Heart. Here’s my toon to mark it.

There you go! More next week – and keep up to date on the Flickr Stream!



by Pat
on Jun 10th, 2010

Daily Doodle: 2010-06-10 Lone Shark

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Look! He’s flicking a dime and he’s got a gold tooth, and he’ll offer you money for an extortionate interest rate!

Yeah, not many sea animals like him.

That’s why he’s a lone shark.

With thanks to Dave, and apologies to everyone else :)

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This originated by accident, really. Couldn’t get the arms right on the guy on the left, so decided to remove them. Then I had an idea.

[NOTE: Insert comment here about everyone having their differences and noone being "normal", that’ll make people say "ooh yes, that’s a very interesting point on modern and historic society, very aptly put, Pat" and I’ll say "Thanks"]

[NOTE: Delete the above note before clicking Sav-

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I’m sure the VP of Marketing from Apple hasn’t thought through how awesome it’ll be to video call with his sons when they go to Uni…

by Pat
on Jun 8th, 2010

Daily Doodle: 2010-06-07 Apple iRadio

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To appreciate this drawing, you have to first check this video out:

Seen it? Still in shock? Yeah, me too. Anyway, this is what I suspect Apple’ll make of FM Radio in 2011…

by Pat
on Jun 8th, 2010

Daily Doodle: 2010-06-06 Rave Cat!

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The legend himself. It’s Rave Cat.

Who is Rave Cat? Well, the future of radio, that’s who. Also, a character on my Sunday night Internet Radio Show :)

Not sure this looks right, but hey, I still might get a poster of it for my studio :)

Gonna do a proper one of these with some cute person sitting under the brolly at some point, but this weekend’s been about social stuff so I figured I’d just play about instead. This is my attempt at rain without training :)

Daily Doodle: 2010-06-04 An Eerie Presence

Drawn lazily and in around 10 minutes. I was watching Dark City at the time. Enjoy!

by Pat
on Jun 4th, 2010

Daily Doodle: 2010-06-03 Drunkarunkaroo

(Click to view full size)

I went out tonight, forgetting to do a daily doodle beforehand. Here’s what I decided to draw several pints down. HOORAY

by Pat
on Jun 2nd, 2010

Daily Doodle: 2010-06-02 Detonator

Daily Doodle: 2010-06-02 Detonator
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Inspired by Rai’s mentioning of the legendary TP today, I decided to do a theme park-based toon.

Took a good couple of hours, and though the perspective’s all shot, I hope you get the idea :)

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