by Pat
on Oct 8th, 2009


Oh yes, I just did that title. It’s not as disappointingly lame, however, as the subject in question.


On the BBC.

A few years ago I enjoyed watching it – it was informative, it got things done and was a good watch.

Now either I’ve got massively more intelligent or this show has gone downhill faster than a freewheeling wheelbarrow full of lead on a 50% incline.

Honestly. It’s 80% bullshit “hilarious” skits, 5% studio audience opinion, 5% awful presenter “chatting”, 5% meaningless “tests”/”proof” and… oh… 5% actual investigation into issues. These investigations seem so one sided I am spending some of the show actually feeling angry for those being accused.

I have admittedly only seen 30 minutes of this, but it does seem to be aimed at an ex-X Factor audience who found Cowell’s show “a bit hard to grasp”.

Bloody awful, BBC. Must try harder.


Feeling: Annoyed
Song in Head: Nowt…

EDIT: I’ve watched a bit more of this and in their credit they did clarify some stuff on the Digital Switchover that was actually of use. Perhaps I’m being a bit too harsh on it – but it does seem to be rather production/shit heavy and content light…

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