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by Pat
on Sep 30th, 2009

Oh, What’s That?

Did I not mention that Charlie Brooker was a legend today?

Well, he is.


by Pat
on Sep 28th, 2009

Ok, I Take It Back

PCs are now dead to me. I’m getting a Mac.

Good Actual Lord. This is the worst fucking thing I have ever had to watch. And I’ve seen Norbit.


by Pat
on Sep 28th, 2009

Charlie Brooker Rocks So Hard

So yes, I might possibly just agree with him on this.

Alas, I’m using Firefox on Ubuntu to write this. And you know what? Ubuntu’s pretty good, but it’s not got the software Windows has on it, yet. You could – and I would – argue the same for Mac OS X too… but I guess it’s an unfair comparison cos at least I can chuffing well run Linux or Windows on my worth-about-£250-new laptop rather than having to buy a MacBook that costs £899 just to run Mac OS X.

What’s that? It’s really stable and supports all the hardware? Is that, perchance, because “all the hardware” involves about 60 different components?

Right, let me stop here. I really, really dislike the cost of Macs and I hate Apple’s stance when it comes to its (insanely loyal) customers, but no point continuing with this. I don’t much like Microsoft’s either, but hey, as I say – I’m using Ubuntu.

Yep, that’s Ubuntu Linux. It’s soooo much better than Windows.



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by Pat
on Sep 27th, 2009

Saturday Morning Watchmen

Can you imagine what The Watchmen would be like if converted into a kid’s cartoon series?

Well, if you can imagine it, you’re probably not imagining something as fully awesome as what someone’s actually made:

Saturday Morning Watchmen

Sound is most definitely required. Thanks to Dave Smith for making me aware of this :)


I’m Nutty!

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by Pat
on Sep 22nd, 2009

I Wanna Rock!


(Der d-der derrrr… der d-der derrr… derrr)

I wanna rock! (ROCK!)

(Der d-der derrrr… der d-der derrr… derrr… derrr)

“Turn it down” you say
Well all I gotta say to you is time and time again I say “No!” (NO!)
No no no…


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by Pat
on Sep 21st, 2009

Dave Smith, I Salute You

This is the best find on the Net in a long time!

An awesome, yet incredibly simple, yet incredibly addictive audio sequencer type thingy:

Tone Matrix by André Michelle.

Just click on one of the squares to activate/deactivate that note. You can also just Ctrl+C your grid and paste it into, say, notepad to save your “tune”.

And then Ctrl+V it back in.

I recommend this, it’s a great tune:




by Pat
on Sep 21st, 2009

A Note to Facebookers

Hello you!

DISCLAIMER:This message will hopefully not apply to you, and you may well say “Well, derrrr”. If that’s the case, I shake you by your digital hand. If not, then please take heed, and apologies for the condescension.

No one likes crank calls, or having their mobile phone receive lots of spam texts.

Well, if you’re a Facebook user, here’s a way to help avoid them:

  1. If a friend of yours loses their phone and creates a group on Facebook to explain that they’ve lost their phone and your phone number (often named “I got bladdered and left my phone in [Insert Place Here] – numbers plz!”) – don’t post on that group with your phone number. Ever. Even if it’s a secret group.
  2. That’s it.

“Why not, Sculliano?”

Well, if it’s an Open group then anyone with a Facebook account who searches for “lost my phone” with find that group and see your phone number on your “here’s my number!” post.

If it’s a Closed group, the same might apply depending on how much info is shared to non-group invitees. Closed is a middle ground between Open and Secret.

If it’s a Secret group, anyone invited to that group can see your phone number on your “you plonker. my number is:” post. Do you know all of your friend’s friends? You happy for them all to have your number? O RLY?

“Well, smart arse, how to solve it?”

Allow me to enlighten you:

  • Send a Facebook message the person who’s lost their phone with your phone number., or:
  • If they’ve got a new phone / phone number: text them your phone number.

Sorry if this seems obvious, alas I’ve seen this umpteen times, and some people I know have done this.

Just be careful, folks!


Pat a.k.a. Protect Your Data man

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by Pat
on Sep 20th, 2009


Best. Saturday. Evening. Telly. EVER.

And now, the most difficult thing I’ve had to say in the past few years:

Make sure you watch ITV1 next Saturday from 7pm to see it!



…has anyone got any vodka? I feel the need to get drunk after that.


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by Squage
on Sep 19th, 2009

A Note From Squage

Hello, Squage here writing for Pat to let you know about something:

The Questionable Content net cartoon.

It’s been going for years, long before Pat and I went on our Oz travelling trip together, but Pat’s only recently been made aware of it (he was probably also told about this years ago, but you know what his memory’s like).

It’s his new favourite toon. Funny, touching, nerdy, well drawn, featuring characters you actually grow to care about. It’s basically the sort of thing he’d love to come up with. Go read!

Why am I writing this and Pat isn’t?

Because Pat’s still stuck to his chair following that AMAZING DERREN BROWN STUNT.

Oh, no, wait, no.

No he isn’t.

(What was the real point of that, I wonder? Ratings grabbing? Cos it was a damned success if so)

See ya,


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by Pat
on Sep 18th, 2009

It’s The Future Calling

We were discussing married life, the future of relationships and so on at lunch today (it was far less mature than it sounds), which for some reason lead me to think of the world’s most awesomely cheesy and cringeworthy chat up line / proposal:

(To be said in the style you’d imagine Family Guy’s Stewie saying to Brian, probably followed by Brian hitting him)

[Put phone to ear] Hello? Why yes, hang on…
[Lower phone, put hand over mouthpiece, look at other person] Hey, It’s the future. It’s for you and me.



Feeling: Happy, as it’s Friday and he’s going to be sharing the EuroMillions jackpot tonight.
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