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by Pat
on Jul 31st, 2009

Facebook Stalker Check


Or, at least, find out who has been posting things to you, and in general interacting with you. Oh, and only those people on your friends list.

Wow. That’s quite an amazing thing. A bit like having “notifications” system within the site itself coupled with a memory.

A Stalker Check Review I Found On Google

Why’m I posting this? Mainly as I’ve seen a few people posting links to StalkerCheck itself. And I immediately thought “Oh, really? Can it really do what it’s not-saying-but-certainly-alluding-to?”. Turns out the answer is: not really, no.

What is slightly concerning is that if you install the app you can view who interacts most with your friends *. So, you can basically… oh what’s the word for it? Is it… monitor? No… check? No. Ah yes, I’ve got it: stalk. Your friends. How lovely.

They should really drop the word “Check” from the application name.


* I wonder if it gets around “limited profiles” et al?

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by Pat
on Jul 28th, 2009

First Day Back At Work

Ok, so I was off for two days longer than a weekend (that’s a big four, maths fans!), but it still felt odd coming back. I was just getting used to not being there.

Apparently there’s some “earning money” thing I need to be doing, so I decided I’d best stay at work all day. Not a bad day actually – lots going on but hey, that’s normal. What was unusual was that the canteen at work actually made some nice food today!

At this point you’d maybe expect some witty comment about the food, but if so then you’re clearly not a regular reader of this. No, instead I’m going to go ahead and talk about something totally different: Squage Christmas Cards! The reason being? I’ve just doodled a couple of extra pictures – these ones are snowmen related:

Clearly not much time spent on them, and not much to them really, but they’re actually surprisingly good. Not the pictures; the veggie “toad in the hole” with new potatoes I had at work. KER-POW! Still got it.

Despite the pills.

Haw haw haw haw! I’ve still got it DESPITE THE PILLS! Haw haw haw haw! Do you see? And another thing, what is it with you people? You take some food, and make it your own. You take an egg, put some breadcrumbs on it and call it Scotch Egg! HAW HAW HAW HABLOG ENTRY ABANDONED

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by Pat
on Jul 27th, 2009

Squage Christmas Card

Well, tis that time of year to be getting out the mince pies, pulling a cracker * and watching a whole load of festive films.

Oh no, wait, it’s July. But that hasn’t stopped me from – for the first time ever – actually getting off my ass (not literally. I was sitting as I drew this) and designing a Squage Christmas Card:

Squage Carol Singers Christmas Card Mock-Up

It’s one of about 5 designs I’m planning to do, and will be digitally cleaning that up / adding colour etc at some point soon. Thanks to Sissel Anita (check out her awesome work!) for kicking me up the ass into doing it :-)

Also, I’ve been making progress on the Pat and Squage’s Big Adventure comic book that may or may not ever get made… it’s quite fun writing ideas down – once you start thinking about story ideas, loads and loads of other thoughts get into your head. It’s lucky I can type quickly.

Anyway, yes, enough rambling. Oh and I know this is a second post for Monday – but, as with the post t’other day, let’s pretend this one was for yesterday. In which case, I’m looking forward to drawing a Christmas card tomorrow. I think it’ll feature Squage and a friend singing carols… and so on :)

(* Oh crap, the line “By the looks of you darlin’ I think I already have… geddit?” has now appeared in my head… and, yes, the inevitable Song in Head is to follow. Gah!)


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by Pat
on Jul 27th, 2009


This is amazing.

Thanks muchly to our Kirtsen Hyde for posting this a while back. What a find!


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1) Get Pan’s Labyrinth on BluRay
2) Turn the lights off
3) Watch it

An amazing film, but with some truly horrible (yet great) scenes.

To illustrate:

What a friendly fellow

Nuff said :-)


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Hi all!

Happy Thursday! Well, tomorrow I will receive an email from James, whilst I’m checking my email at home prior to going to get some lunch, doing some washing up and watching Constantine on Blu Ray.

This email will have no subject, and simply contain the following link:

Fan-fecking tastic. James, how you find this stuff I’ll never know, but please don’t stop :-) Looking forward to seeing you at Fitness Club after work, and then bumping into you at the petrol station back in town.

Have a great rest of Thursday, everyone.

By the way: tomorrow I predict that the Tories will beat Labour in the Norwich by-election with a count of 13,591 – more than twice as many votes as the Labour candidate. (EDIT: Oh my GOD! I’m psychic: Also: oh ffs – Pat)



Marc Wahlberg is wearing a hat.

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by Pat
on Jul 24th, 2009

Ooh, I’m A Day Late!

For a very important date?

Well, no. However, that rather mind-bendingly tenuously brings me onto this:

Tim Burton’s Latest Project

I believe the phrase “oooooooooooh” springs to mind!

In other news, I’ve got today and Monday off. It’s so nice to be out of the office for a bit. It’s less nice that it’s already 1pm and I’ve spent all morning doing chore-like activities. That said, I did only fall out of bed at 9:45am. Woooh!


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by Pat
on Jul 22nd, 2009

The Mountain

James came round this evening, with a proposition.

We’re going to climb a mountain in 2010. And we’re going to spend the rest of this year preparing. I asked on Facebook for suggestions of something exciting to do. This. This is it.

Kilimanjaro.  We may be mad, but this is gonna be amazing
Image courtesy of


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by Pat
on Jul 21st, 2009

Good News Network – An Addendum

It’s a pay for site. I didn’t really check it, as you can tell :)

On the plus side, the welcome video reminds me of the one in Role Models:


by Pat
on Jul 21st, 2009


The single life is great for so many reasons, mainly around basically being able to do whatever you want, whenever you want. But it also can royally suck when you’re down and just need someone to talk to and get a hug from.

Of course, when you’re feeling down about yourself, the last thing you feel like doing is going out to find a partner.

There’s irony in there somewhere. I’m sure ‘im from The Streets wrote about it once. He put it much more poetically than I have :-)



(Wow, this is all a bit a) lame, b) poorly written and c) down sounding. To make up for it: here’s some positive news, quite lidderally, mate – Ed)

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